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DURATION (semesters): 3

ECTS (total): 90


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DESCRIPTION - ACCEPTED STUDENTS CATEGORIES: The MSc in Energy Building Design Program is being offered by the School of Science & Technology of the University Center of International Programs of Studies of the International Hellenic University. The program aims to provide postgraduate level education on issues relating to designing buildings with a low energy imprint and is addressed to graduates including professionals who wish to acquire knowledge in the aforementioned field. Energy and its sustainability will always be a key global issue for modern contemporary societies. As the world population urbanizes, the planning and design of resilient, resource-efficient, healthy cities and metropolitan regions is of the outmost importance. Buildings are responsible for a large share of our global energy use. Energy use is in fact the main determinant of a building’s global environmental footprint, considering its total life span. In order to really stand out, young professionals need education that is interdisciplinary: technical as well as economics/management/law related.
The International Hellenic University offers just such a diverse MSc in Energy Building Design program that is open to candidates from different academic disciplines. Leading academics from prestigious academic institutions from Greece and abroad, together with instructors from public authorities and key players from energy-related organizations, will teach in this program.
The program has been developed to equip graduates of Engineering, Geotechnical and Natural Sciences departments with an in-depth understanding within the area of energy-efficient and environmental building design in order to significantly contribute to and influence the design, building or renovation of energy-efficient buildings, taking into consideration the architecture and environment, the inhabitants’ behavior and needs, their health and comfort as well as the overall economy. This program is designed for University graduates in engineering as well as graduates of other study programs with a suitable qualification who wish to deepen and extend their knowledge in the Energy Design of buildings, such as Engineering, Geotechnical and Natural Sciences departments.
The School of Science and Technology during the last 3-years had an educational collaboration funded by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), with Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH – Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg) in order to provide common courses in their respective Master of Science in the field of Energy.
In the frame of this collaboration, students of the MSc in Energy Systems were given the opportunity to follow an elective course in TUHH, which was specifically developed and offered in the academic years 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 to Master students of both universities. Similarly, master students of TUHH in the field of Energy were also able to follow a specifically developed elective course at IHU. Furthermore, students of IHU were given the opportunity to visit TUHH for 3 months and conduct their MSc thesis in Germany. All travel costs, living expenses and accommodation for students in Greece and Germany were covered by the Greek-German collaboration project.

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